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Reasons for the failure of the intended use of condoms

According to reports, condom rupture rate from <1% to 18% range. The rate of clinical slippage was 0.6% in vaginal intercourse. Condom rupture is only 0.5% in vaginal intercourse and 3.6% -10% in anal intercourse. More than 90% of condoms rupture occur during vaginal intercourse and about 50% occur at the end of intercourse. Most studies show that condom rupture is associated with incorrect use (such as the use of unsuitable lubricants) and condom quality due to condom storage conditions (temperature and humidity). The survey among Dutch prostitutes shows that the rupture of the condom is related to human factors such as excessive sexual intercourse.

Intimate Lubricants are not used properly and wrongly used. More lubricated condom always not easy to rupture, such as most brand use standard 400mg, all ROMO brand condoms use 500mg, so consumers will feel the extra lube easily.

Studies have shown that if the condom rupture volume is small and the rupture length is short during the inflation test (rupture volume and length of the rupture length of the inflation test are two important indicators of the condom, the rupture volume is small and The short length of the rupture indicates that the condom is less elastic), the condom rupture occurs more often in practice. As condoms are stored for longer periods of time, these two indicators decline, so that for longer-stored condoms users and providers should pay attention to the quality of the condom.

Not insist on the use of condoms is an important reason for failure of contraception, some consumers always take off the condom as they want more real skin feeling in the process, so they wear it again when they feel near the ejaculation, which will increase the risk of pregnancy. The effectiveness of condoms in their use cases has been confirmed by several studies.


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