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The Effectiveness of Condoms Against Pregnancy

Condoms are the only contraceptives currently proven to achieve the dual purpose of reproductive health (unintended pregnancy and lower the risk of STDS infection) Act, praying for the maintenance of personal reproductive health plays an important role as a simple and effective method of physical isolation of contraceptives in all countries of the world widely used. The study shows: condom film can effectively prevent the source of sexually transmitted diseases.

The above table shows the responses of study participants on condom breakage and slippage. Correct use of condoms, can significantly reduce the risk of infection of sexually transmitted diseases. Our stody shows that most of the failure due to the air in tip not squeezed out, which make the condom burst in tip to cause the fail.

Corrent fit size also affect the condom's effectiveness, such as African's market need XXL size condom of 56x190mm, and standard size of 52x180mm will increase the failure rate, and the standard size fit others market better, and Indian market prefer the snug fit size of 49x170mm, so only good fit size can make sure the condom's effectiveness in use.


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