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Quality assurance for condoms

In order to make sure the quality up to standards of ISO 4074 and GB7544, We control quality as following steps, which will make sure the condom up to standards and make consumers can use it freely:

1 Raw Material

All in-coming raw materials shall be quarantined pending buy-off by QA personnel. Random samples are taken from each lot delivered and tested or inspected at respective buy-off stations for compliance to agreed specifications. The main material is the natural latex, which imported from Thailand, and need testing before they pour into our underearth tank.

2 Production method

QA is carried out without stopping the manufacturing process. Upon QA check, the accepted batch shall be transferred to packing section for packing processes. Main test is the natural latex, which we imported direct from Thailand, second test is the lubricants, no matter water based or silicon based lube. The third is the ingredients which mixed in the latex tank, such as the Casein etc.

3 Packing

All packed condoms are subjected to QA buy-off for quantity, marking and packaging quality. Before the box print, clients should send us the original design to checking to make sure it meets the standard's marking requirements, such as EUROPE market need the CE correctly printing, or it will meet rejection from authority's random inspection. And the instruction also need to clear and cover the required information of each details, and the content of the instruction need to be recorded in FDA in China to make sure they are all safe to use for consumers.

4 Final Release

A final QA buy-off shall be conducted on each consignment of inspected condoms.

QA Manager or his/her designee shall verify the testing and inspection results to ensure the compliance of the products and then a copy of the summary of QA inspection report shall be forwarded to Packing section to initiate a Delivery Note for shipment release.

5 Sampling Plan and Acceptance Criteria for Final QA Inspection

Sampling plan and acceptance criteria for final QA inspection are presented in Part B.

And each condom will be tested in the electronically testing line, which make sure each of them are safe to use, all the condom with any hole will rejected by the line, and FDA in the market also always to inspect condom's quality, so consumers can make sure all the condoms on the market is up to quality, if you still has some worry, we recommend you choose the branded condoms, which is more assured by brand.


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